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    Netflix Legal Ops Director Enters 2024 With CLOC Presidency

    The director of technology at Netflix, who has also worked at Spotify and Cisco, is adding to her resume a stint as president of the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium, a member-run organization for in-house legal professionals worldwide, according to a Tuesday announcement.

  • Contract Co. Robin AI Raises $26M Series B

    Contract software company Robin AI Ltd. announced on Wednesday the closing of a $26 million Series B investment round, with the U.K.-based company aiming to fund expansion of its U.S. operations and the further development of its artificial intelligence and machine-learning capabilities.

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    New Litify Chief Product Officer's Vision For 2024

    Over the last four months, Lauren Rothrock, a former vice president of products at hotel management platform TravelClick, has been settling in as chief product officer at law practice management platform Litify. Rothrock spoke with Law360 Pulse about her new role and product plans for 2024.

  • Australian Courts Data Hack May Have Hit Hearing Recordings

    A court data breach in the Australian state of Victoria may have affected recordings of hearings at multiple jurisdictional levels, according to a Tuesday statement from the court's chief executive, continuing a surge of cybersecurity incidents that occurred throughout the legal industry last year.

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    Law Firm DEI Efforts At Crossroads Amid '24 Litigation Threat

    The year ahead will be an inflection point for a legal industry that's still struggling to diversify its ranks, experts say, because the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling nixing affirmative action will require law firms to rethink their diversity efforts, even as those efforts face a "broad-based attack" from determined conservative organizations.

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    8 Bold Legal Technology Predictions For 2024

    What could be bigger than the rise of generative artificial intelligence in 2023? How about the next iteration of AI in the legal field in 2024?

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    The Concerns Legal Tech Leaders Have Going Into 2024

    The legal tech industry saw advances in generative artificial intelligence systems that produce written and visual content in 2023, but it also faced challenges like data breaches, litigation and consolidation. Here, legal tech experts spoke with Law360 Pulse about their concerns and their clients' concerns going into the new year.

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    What To Watch For In Legal Ethics In 2024

    The new year will be busy for the professional responsibility bar, as law firms grapple with litigation over sexual harassment claims, data breaches and generative artificial intelligence, all while the U.S. Supreme Court is poised to handle several sensitive cases tied to Donald Trump's 2024 campaign amid the fallout from its own recent ethics scandals.

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    State Courts' Growing Politicization May Get Worse In 2024

    State judiciaries are becoming more overtly political, and important elections, rulings and ethics cases could exacerbate that partisanship in 2024, experts worry.

  • Copyright Cases To Watch In 2024

    The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule in a music publisher dispute that could dramatically change how much money plaintiffs in copyright lawsuits can recover, and an infringement suit involving an artificial intelligence platform is the first to get a trial date. Here are Law360's picks for the biggest copyright cases to watch in 2024.

  • Orrick Cuts Deal To Settle Data Breach Litigation

    Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP and a proposed class of data-breach victims told a California federal court Thursday the law firm has reached a settlement in principle to resolve litigation over a March data breach that purportedly exposed Social Security numbers and other personal information of more than 461,100 individuals.

  • A&O Partners With Harvey And Microsoft For Contract Tool

    Allen & Overy announced on Thursday the launch of a proprietary contract drafting tool created in collaboration with both Microsoft and Harvey, which offers an artificial intelligence-basic chatbot focused on legal queries.

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    Expect More Tech And Talent Roles In The Law Firm C-Suite

    Law firms have been hiring more and more non-lawyers to their C-suite, and experts tell Law360 the trend will continue, with new executive roles focusing on tech, talent and innovation.

  • LexisNexis Offers Law School Students Access To GenAI Tool

    LexisNexis Legal & Professional has announced that it is making its generative artificial intelligence legal research tool Lexis+ AI available to U.S. law school students.

  • Rocket Lawyer, Priori Announce Generative AI Products

    Two legal technology platforms, Rocket Lawyer and Priori, separately announced this week the adoption of new products leveraging generative artificial intelligence, with both boasting of the efficiency brought by the burgeoning tech.

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    A Timeline Of Biggest Generative AI News In 2023

    Over the past year, the legal industry had a front row seat to the emergence of generative artificial intelligence. From the Law360 archives, here’s a look at the ups and downs the technology brought to the legal sector.

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    Former Qualcomm, Apple GC Joins Board Of EnCharge AI

    Artificial intelligence chip and full stack developer EnCharge AI said Wednesday it has tapped a former legal leader for Qualcomm and other major tech companies to serve on its board of directors, shortly after the close of its latest funding round.

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    Gunderson Dettmer Finds Ways To Save Money On Gen AI

    One concern law firms have about implementing generative artificial intelligence — systems that produce written and visual content — is the cost, but Gunderson Dettmer Stough Villeneuve Franklin & Hachigian LLP, which launched an internal chat app in August, has found some ways to save money on the technology.

  • Top Tech Adviser To UK Chief Justice Steps Down

    Richard Susskind, author and information technology adviser to the lord chief justice of England and Wales, will step down from his technology adviser post after 25 years, the United Kingdom's Courts and Tribunals Judiciary has announced.

  • Evidence Archiver Pagefreezer Acquires X1 Social Discovery

    Pagefreezer, an archiving software company, announced Tuesday that it has acquired X1 Social Discovery, which allows users to search and collect digital evidence from websites and social media platforms.

  • NC Residents Ask For Cert. In Court Software Class Action

    A group of North Carolina residents have asked for certification in their proposed class action alleging the state's new digital court system has led to hundreds of wrongful arrests and detentions, with all facing common issues sufficient to satisfy class requirements.

  • Legal Tech Co. Litify Adds $19.8M Investment

    Legal operating platform Litify LLC raised $19.8 million in December, according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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    The Trends That Shaped The Legal Industry In 2023

    As 2023 draws to a close, the legal industry has the opportunity to look back on a year with some exceptional highs and lows, including multiple law firm dissolutions, a number of lawyer layoffs and, more recently, the wide adoption of associate compensation increases. Here, Law360 takes a look at the year’s most consequential news events and what they mean for the industry.

  • Judge Jeffrey Sutton

    Approach The Bench: Judge Sutton On State Constitutions

    State constitutions are often overlooked by lawyers, law schools and judges, according to Sixth Circuit Chief Judge Jeffrey Sutton, but their importance was brought to the fore when the U.S. Supreme Court recently ended the federal right to abortion.

  • CMS Spain Confirms Cyberattack On Some Servers

    International law firm CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP experienced a cyberattack on a small number of its storage servers in Spain, Law360 Pulse was told Tuesday.

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