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    Over 2 Dozen Firms Urge Law School Action On Antisemitism

    More than two dozen top U.S. law firms urged the deans of law schools in the U.K. and the U.S. to confront the antisemitic incidents in the weeks since Hamas' surprise attack on Israel, reminding recipients that they recruit from their schools.  

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    Legal Tech Co. Immediation Faces Uncertain Future

    Legal technology company Immediation remains operational, but the cash held by the Australian-based business had depleted to a point where the directors are concerned about its financial viability, Law360 Pulse has learned.

  • Procurement Co. ORO Labs Raises $34M Series B

    Procurement services provider ORO Labs announced Wednesday the closing of a $34 million Series B funding round led by venture capital firm Felicis that will support the scaling of the company's platform and international footprint.

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    Legal Tech Co. Morae Acquires Exigent Group

    Legal technology provider Morae Global Corp. announced Wednesday it purchased global legal services and tech firm Exigent Group Ltd., broadening its footprint across five continents and 1,000 clients.

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    Exterro Acquires Data Discovery Tool Amid Compliance Push

    Legal governance, risk and compliance software provider Exterro Inc. is enhancing its platform's data monitoring capabilities by acquiring the data discovery tool Divebell on Wednesday.

  • Wolters Kluwer Buys Dutch Tax Co., 2nd Purchase In Year

    Legal software solutions company Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory announced it had acquired Dutch tax solutions provider MFAS, marking the company's second acquisition this year.

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    In Their Words: Hacks For New Lawyer Parents From Veterans

    As the legal industry considers the results of a new report by the American Bar Association showing the extensive challenges parents, and particularly mothers, face in law firms, six seasoned lawyer parents share their advice to newbies for balancing family and work.

  • Orrick Launches Free Resource For Tech Startups

    Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP announced on Wednesday the launch of a new self-service resource for the purposes of helping tech startups scale their businesses.

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    As Firms Grapple With SFFA, Diversity Grows At 'Glacial Pace'

    Ethnically diverse hires at Top 200 law firms have grown by about 22% since 2019, but 64% of diversity professionals say two recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions that struck down long-standing affirmative action policies in higher education will make their job more difficult, according to a new report out Tuesday from Leopard Solutions.

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    Why Family-Friendly Policies Matter For All Legal Employers

    Realizing that parenting negatively affects the legal careers of lawyers who are mothers more so than fathers didn't shock me as much as it disheartened me — especially since there aren't exceptions even at the highest career levels.

  • Baker McKenzie Atty Urges Senators To Enact Federal AI Law

    A Baker McKenzie partner and practice chair urged senators at a subcommittee hearing Tuesday to pass federal legislation governing the risks of artificial intelligence to promote innovation and protect the welfare of society.

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    These Law Firms Are Where It All Began For Top-Earning GCs

    Before ascending to the ranks of top-earning general counsel at some of America's most renowned corporations, many lawyers cut their teeth in the structured law firm environment, where they gain invaluable experience and foster connections that often last for a lifetime.

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    A Deep Dive Into Top GC Pay

    Communications and information technology are paying their legal chiefs the most, with companies from those sectors taking seven of the 10 highest-earning spots in Law360 Pulse's report on general counsel compensation.

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    Everything You Need To Know About GC Pay

    Want to know which legal chief is earning the most at an S&P 500 company? How compensation compares across business sectors? Explore the ins and outs of general counsel compensation with our interactive graphic.

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    These GCs Are Pulling Down Top Dollar

    Despite the economic uncertainty of the past few years and increasing cost pressures facing legal departments, the pay packages for many top corporate lawyers continue to stay strong. Here, we spotlight the legal chiefs who are earning the most in total compensation and in total cash at S&P 500 companies.

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    Women In Top GC Posts Are Making The Pay Gap Disappear

    The trend is clear: Women no longer trail men in earnings among general counsel at top companies in the United States. Law360 Pulse found that among the S&P 500 general counsel whose 2022 pay packages were disclosed publicly, women made more than men in total compensation.

  • NC Courts Added To Civil Rights Suit Over Software Troubles

    The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts and several officials have been tacked onto a proposed civil rights class action over the state's new digital court system, which has allegedly been beset by troubles since its rollout earlier this year.

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    Openness On Disabilities Gains Support In Legal Profession

    Law firms and legal departments talk a lot about diversity, including disabilities, but that talk too often fails to carry over into action, according to Sandra Yamate, CEO of the Institute for Inclusion in the Legal Profession.

  • Cooley Releases Tool To Help Cos. With D&O Questionnaires

    With proxy season approaching, Cooley LLP released a digital platform Monday to help companies manage and complete the directors and officers, or D&O, questionnaire process entirely online.

  • Smyser Kaplan Aims To Sink Data Breach Suit In Texas

    Houston-based boutique Smyser Kaplan & Veselka LLP urged a Texas federal court to throw out a second attempt at a proposed class action over a data breach, saying the named plaintiff "has not alleged that her [personal information] has been misused or that she has suffered any other concrete harm."

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    4 Questions For Biztech Lawyers' Alison Berryman

    Legal technology has advanced in "leaps and bounds" over the past decade, Alison Berryman says. Here, the senior managing lawyer at Biztech Lawyers in the U.K. tells Law360 that she is looking forward to it improving enough to do the mundane parts of her job.

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    Legal Tech Industry Looks To Future Of Generative AI Models

    Several law firms and legal tech companies are using artificial intelligence research company OpenAI's large language models to power their generative AI tools, but industry leaders say they are experimenting with models from other tech providers like Google and Meta.

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    A&O Sells Majority Stake In Online Legal Analysis Unit

    Allen & Overy LLP said Monday that it has sold the majority of its online legal information business to private equity investors in a deal that was "accelerated" by its merger with Shearman & Sterling LLP.

  • Clergy Abuse Survivors Get OK For $6.5M Data Leak Deal

    A Connecticut federal magistrate judge gave final approval to a class settlement Friday that will provide $50,000 for each of 129 people who claimed they were abused within a now-bankrupt Catholic diocese and later had their identities exposed by legal solutions company Epiq amid Chapter 11 proceedings.

  • Trump Gets Chance To Weigh In On Trial Broadcast Request

    A Washington, D.C., federal judge on Friday gave former President Donald Trump the opportunity to respond to media outlets' requests that cameras be allowed in the courtroom during his election interference trial, according to a minute order.

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