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  • Harbor Buys Legal Consulting Team From Investment Bank

    The legal expert services provider Harbor expanded its advisory and managed services on Tuesday by acquiring the legal management consulting practice from Stout, an investment bank and advisory firm.

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    Ex-Fugees Rapper Seeks New Trial Over AI-Crafted Closings

    Ex-Fugees rapper Prakazrel "Pras" Michel, who was convicted in April of foreign lobbying charges, has asked a Washington, D.C., federal judge for a new trial, arguing a litany of issues prejudiced trial proceedings against him, including allegations his former attorney used an experimental artificial intelligence program to draft closing arguments.

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    Firms Taking Cautious Approach To AI-Assisted Lobbying

    BigLaw lobbyists say artificial intelligence could be a game-changer in their daily work lives, but government affairs attorneys at some of Washington, D.C.'s biggest firms told Law360 Pulse that many in the industry are proceeding with caution, citing concerns about the accuracy of information and protecting client confidentiality.

  • Evolver Legal Launches AI-Based Data Mining Service

    Evolver Legal Services, a division of the information technology transformation and cybersecurity provider Evolver LLC, announced Monday the launch of a new service that provides artificial intelligence-backed data mining services during cybersecurity incident responses.

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    OpenAI Probe Could Put FTC's New Enforcement Tool To Test

    OpenAI, the maker of generative artificial intelligence technology used by law firms and legal tech companies, is currently facing a Federal Trade Commission investigation over its data practices, and the consequence of that probe could be more than a hefty fine.

  • Legal Tech Roundup: App4Legal, Clearlaw

    Two contract software companies made progress in the legal technology industry this week by announcing new capital raises.

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    Law Scholars Propose Court Rule Tweak Aimed At Deepfakes

    A pair of law professors have submitted a proposal to the Advisory Committee on Evidence Rules ahead of its fall meeting later this month to amend an evidence rule dealing with artificial intelligence to address authentication issues with generative AI like deepfakes.

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    How Young Attorneys Can Handle A Toxic Boss

    While the next generation of lawyers are improving law firm culture, expectations for associates remain high — and sometimes unrealistically demanding. It can be challenging for young attorneys to know how to address toxic managers. Law360 Pulse asked some career experts how to handle a difficult boss.

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    'A Moral Imperative': Clio CEO On Embracing AI

    The legal industry has a "moral imperative" to embrace artificial intelligence, Clio CEO Jack Newton said this week, even as Clio and other legal technology companies are launching their own AI tools that are still a work in progress.

  • Voir Dire: Law360 Pulse's Weekly Quiz

    This marked another busy week for the legal industry as BigLaw expanded practices and law firms responded to Israel's conflict with Hamas. Test your legal news savvy here with Law360 Pulse's weekly quiz.

  • Australia's University Of New England Partners With Relativity

    E-discovery software developer Relativity has brought the University of New England School of Law in Australia into its Academic Partner Program, which provides curricula and software to college professors.

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    Should The US Trust Corporations To Lead On AI Standards?

    The mistakes made with the hands-off approach to Twitter and Facebook show that society needs to better regulate technology advances like artificial intelligence, but the structure needs to be flexible as AI rapidly changes, according to a group of legal and tech experts.   

  • E-Discovery Companies Everlaw, CodexTen Strike Partnership

    Investigation and litigation platform Everlaw announced Wednesday a multiyear partnership with e-discovery service CodexTen entailing an integration between the two services that they hope accelerates insights for attorneys during litigation.

  • Tech Leader On Impact Of BigLaw's Generative AI Consortium

    A group of BigLaw firms formed a consortium this October to develop an on-demand training series on generative artificial intelligence for lawyers and other legal professionals. Here, one expert tasked with creating and updating the series shares her perspectives on AI and the law.

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    Perkins Coie Recruits New COO From Kobre & Kim

    Perkins Coie LLP is replacing its longtime chief operating officer with a new hire who held the same post at Kobre & Kim LLP, according to an announcement Wednesday.

  • Legal Ops Provider Harbor Hires AI Leader From William Blair

    Chicago-based legal operations provider Harbor announced on Wednesday the hiring of a head of artificial intelligence and advanced tech engineering from investment bank and financial services company William Blair & Company.

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    Legal Software Co. Seeks Ch. 11 With $10M In Debt

    Government case management and court record search provider earlier this week filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Texas federal court, listing at least $10 million in debt, including a $5 million disputed claim by Florida software company IncluIT.

  • FTI Consulting Adds Two Managing Directors In Germany

    Washington, D.C.-based international business advisory firm FTI Consulting Inc. announced Tuesday that it has bolstered its technology segment with the hiring of two new managing directors in Germany for its digital insights and risk management team.

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    How A Small Omaha Firm Broke The Cycle Of Atty Burnout

    Mandatory mental health days, flexible scheduling and a burnout ratings scale are just some ways that a small law firm in Omaha has tried to support work-life balance.

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    How Courts Group Is Expanding 'Cutting-Edge' Data Work

    The National Center for State Courts late last month laid out an expansion plan for its data analytics and forecasting team that it hopes will both make court information more accessible to the public and allow jurisdictions to better use data to understand the communities they serve.

  • SF-Based Contract Mgmt. Co. Harbour Nabs $15M In Series A

    San Francisco-based contract management startup Harbour announced Tuesday that it has raised $15 million in a Series A funding round, with the capital earmarked for scaling its operations.

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    Sullivan & Worcester, Kobre & Kim Working Remotely In Israel

    Sullivan & Worcester LLP and Kobre & Kim LLP are among the international law firms with a presence in Israel that say their personnel are safe and working remotely amid the Middle Eastern country's conflict with Hamas.

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    What Law Firms Need To Ask When It Comes To Cybersecurity

    Law firm cybersecurity does not have a one-size-fits-all solution, so there are questions law firms should ask security vendors to ensure they meet the needs of the firm and to determine whether new technologies meet best-in-class security standards, a lawyer said during a presentation Tuesday.

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    How AI Could Improve — Or Worsen — The Future Of Law

    Artificial intelligence could someday level the playing field for lawyers and clients — or it could exacerbate deeply entrenched inequalities in the justice system, legal industry experts said on the first day of the Clio Cloud Conference on Monday.

  • As Attys Eye Future AI Usage, Clio Releases Generative Tool

    While the majority of legal professionals plan to use artificial intelligence in the future, clients are more optimistic about the potential of this technology, according to a summary of a new survey report released Monday from legal technology giant Clio, which also introduced a proprietary generative AI tool.

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