Johannes Lamprecht, et al v. Cmsnr. IRS

  1. April 23, 2024

    DC Circ. Backs Tax Penalties Against Swiss Couple

    A Swiss couple who incurred $500,000 in penalties for failing to report millions of dollars they held in Swiss bank accounts can't get out of paying, the D.C. Circuit ruled Tuesday, rejecting their argument that the IRS didn't properly approve the fines.

  2. November 06, 2023

    DC Circ. Judge Skeptical Of IRS Penalty On Foreign Income

    A D.C. Circuit judge questioned Monday whether an Internal Revenue Service supervisor properly approved $500,000 in accuracy-related penalties on a couple who failed to report Swiss income, saying during oral arguments that it was unclear which specific penalty had been approved.

  3. August 03, 2023

    US Pans Swiss Couple's Claims Of IRS Trickery At DC Circ.

    A Swiss couple fighting $500,000 in tax penalties for understating their income wrongly claimed the Internal Revenue Service tricked them and failed to properly issue the penalties, the U.S. government told the D.C. Circuit on Thursday, urging it to uphold the fines.

  4. July 05, 2023

    Swiss Couple Ask DC Circ. To Reverse $500K Penalty Ruling

    The U.S. Tax Court wrongly upheld $500,000 in penalties against a Swiss couple by overlooking the government's failure to prove that the Internal Revenue Service had properly authorized the penalties, the couple told the D.C. Circuit on Wednesday.